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Las Leñas: Argentina Ski and Snowboard Resort

Las Leñas is located in the south of Mendoza province, about 500 KM (5 hour drive) from Mendoza city. The closest town to Las Leñas is the small town Malargue which is about 70 km away.


With plenty of beginner and intermediate terrain, 200,000 acres of skiing and a 4000 ft vertical drop, the exclusive resort of Las Leñas is the South American destination for skiers of any level.


Oso Loco Tours can help you create the perfect ski package to fit your budget and style…..families, lone travelers, novices or off piste powder hounds.


With years of experience living and working in Las Leñas, we PERSONALLY search for the best options to fit your needs. 


How to plan your Las Leñas trip:


Our Trip Builder page has been developed to help you provide all the information we need to make sure you get exactly what you want. Answer the questions, click ‘send’ and within 24 hours we will contact you with a sample itinerary. Ironing out changes and final details usually takes no longer than a couple of days.


General Info:

Las Leñas was built in 1983 as the Argentina exclusive ski resort. It is a small isolated ‘town’ with all the services you would need in a ski resort, including a sushi restaurant, night clubs and the highest casino in the world!


A bus circulates the resort but really you can walk almost everywhere. Most Hotels are slope-side and apartments are just a 5 minute walk from the slopes, all main bars and restaurants.


Although isolated, Las Leñas has a distinct argentine feel, with most restaurants filling up late and bars open till 3 or 4 am. During high season, Las Leñas is full of trendy porteños (Buenos Aires residents) and brazilians.


Trail Map Las Leñas:


Las Lenas Trail Map


The mountain of Las Leñas is in the 2nd highest mountain range in the World behind the Himalayas. It is all high alpine skiing (THERE ARE NO TREES), which means the runs are wide and open, but you still need to keep your eyes open for the rocks.



Las Leñas is very family-friendly as the majority of the lift-accessible terrain is for beginner to intermediate skiiers. They also have a very good ski school program for all ages and a great baby Leñas that has daycare and lessons no matter what your age or ability level.


Beginner and Intermediate:




Off Piste and Backcountry:

This is why we here at Argentina Ski Tours decided to move to Mendoza permanently. The off piste skiing in Las Leñas is some of the best in the world. We like to call it ‘helicopter skiing without the helicopter’. It has giant bowls that you can ride for miles or you can find some of the steepest chutes that have such a pitch that you can’t see the bottom. Most of this terrain is open for you to explore and you can get permission from the military at certain check points on the mountain to go anywhere you want. We highly reccommend you go with a guide, or someone that knows exactly where they are going, as nothing is marked and the mountain is so big it is sometimes very difficult to figure out where you are. There are many cliff areas, and avalanche danger zones that you should always be aware of. Do not go off-piste without a partner, a transiever (KNOW HOW TO USE IT) and a shovel.



 Dropping into "Martin" after a 20 min walk                   Two boarders getting ready for the hike



This is the famous lift that gives access to the top of the mountain and most the off piste terrain. Marte is an old double chair that goes to the very top. Keep in mind that, though it accesses incredible terrain, it can also close with too much wind or can open late in the day after a huge snow storm. That being said, they’ve done a good job of keeping it open for most of the past two seasons. On the occasions when it is closed, all is not lost: the mountain also offers amazing Cat skiing and plenty of other off piste options.



Las Leñas Town Map



Nightlife, Dining and Entertainment



All the Hotels have their own resturants, You can also find Italian, Tex Mex and Sushi restaurants located a short walk or bus from wherever you may be staying. Of course, one thing we can certainly recommend are the famous Argentine steaks, which should keep you well fueled into the next day.


Restaurants to have lunch at when skiing:

The best view is at Condor Point, and the cheapest burgers are normally at Hydra at the base.


Keep in mind that even though some restaurants may open at 8:00pm most will not start filling up until around 10:00pm.



The nightlife in Las Leñas consists of 3 options:

  1. The one bar/arcade in the Main “Piramid” building at the base, this is a fun bar to play pool and have one of the cheaper beers in Las Lenas. Arrive before midnight and you can get your own pool table without waiting, but don’t expect to see anyone over the age of 18 until Midnight or later.
  2. The night club at UFO point is for those in the mood to dance to Electronic music. This normally doesn’t get going until around 2:00 am and you can normally count on the same music everynight, so don’t worry about which night to go.
  3. The Casino, this is a good place to pretend you have Monopoly money and play the Argentina favorites of roulette and blackjack. It is a small casino and it isn’t Las Vegas, so the drinks are not free.


If you would rather get an early night so you can be up for first chair at 9:00 enjoying the mountain to yourself most Hotels have small bars to have a nightcap. That way you can beat the crowds as everyone else is pulling themselves out of bed around 11:00am







Las Leñas has Hotels ranging from 3 star to 5 star. All Hotels are half board (breakfast and dinner), provide boot and ski lockers and are located slope side (the farthest away being a 10 minute walk)


VIRGO: This is the most modern of the buildings in Las Leñas, it has its own kids center, heated swimming pool, health club, and movie theater. It also has its own wine bar, sushi restaurant, and Business center with free wifi on the basement level.


PISCIS: This 5 star hotel is located next to the slopes. It includes a heated pool, sauna, and spa. Kids center with activites and staff specializing in kids activites, Library to enjoy an after ski drink or cigar, drugstore, and one mountain ski check for a warm drink during your ski day. It has two resturants, one specializing in Italian, and the other International cuisines. This is also where the casino is located.


ESCORPIO: This 4 star hotel is located slope side right at the base of the lifts, being located next to Piscis it shares the kids center and spa. It has its own ski lockers, one bar and two nice restaurants with a great view of the mountian.


ARIES: The farthest of all the Hotels, it has free transfers to the slopes called ‘ski in ski out. Other facilites include a fitness center connected to the heated pool and sauna in which they offer spa and massage treatments., kids center and game room, free wifi in the lobby, and two restaurants.


When booking hotels please take note that reservations run from Saturday to Saturday.



For more flexible entry and departure dates, and the freedom to dine where you choose, we recommend fully equipped apartments.


These apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen, ski and boot lockers, daily maid service, sheets, towels, high pressure water all within a close walk to the general store, and ski lifts.


For more information about apartments please contact us using the form on the right hand side of this page.


Shared Accomodation:

Shared accommodation is located in the section of Las Leñas where all the staff live and the skiers and boarders that are living in Las Leñas for the season. Beds are for rent throughout the season, accommodation is basic, with NO MAID SERVICE. This is a good option for the budget traveler who doesn’t mind simple living.


Off the mountain accommodation:

Los Molles is a small town located 18 kilometers away from Las Leñas, there are cabins and a couple of hostels to stay in.


We highly reccommend the brand new small boutique hotel that just opened in 2009 and is located right next to natural hotsprings that are now baths next to the hotel.



How to get there:


The best way to get to Las Leñas is to fly to Mendoza city from Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile. We recommend LAN Airlines.


Charter Flights:

Malargue has a small airport where we can arrange chartered flights from Buenos Aires on Saturdays.


Charter Buses:

The bus company CATA operates a daily service direct to Las Leñas leaving at 1 am from Mendoza, to buy tickets please contact us.


Private Transfers:

We also offer private transfers, picking you up from the airport or from any hotel in Mendoza for US $550 for a car (1-2 people) or US $750 for a Van (3-12 people). The private transfers are new Mercedes vans that include a trailer for all your equipment and can fit 10 skiers comfortably.


Private Flights:

We cater for any and all budgets so we can even arrange private planes of 2 to 6 people departing from Mendoza to Las Leñas daily.




Las Leñas Tours


We help organize:

  • Transport to Las Leñas from Mendoza, Buenos Aires, or Santiago de Chile. More >
  • Accommodation. More >
  • Ski passes.
  • Rental equipment (not the Las Leñas rental shop but the best quality in Mendoza).
  • Lessons for any level or off-piste guides. More >


Las Leñas Facts



Top: 3,340 m (11,253 ft)

Bottom: 2,240 m (7,349 ft)

Vertical Drop: 1,110 m (3,904 ft)



30% begginer,

25% intermediate,

45% advanced

45,000 acres of lift excessable terrain, over 200,000 acres of short hiking Entertaiment: 17 restaurants, 1 supermarket, 7 bars (including hotel bars), 1 casino






from mid June to early October


Hours of Operation:

9:00-5:00 (Patrol and snow permitting) night skiing monday wednsday, friday open until 7:30 on beginner terrain


Best Mountain in South America:



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